kate sackman, president

As a kid, EcoMyths Founder and Board President Kate Sackman loved collecting spiders, frogs, and salamanders. As an adult, she gets just as big a kick out of holding a smooth green snake and attaching ID bands to the legs of tiny migratory birds. A long-time board member of Lake Forest Open Lands Association and technology entrepreneur who advises start-ups and more seasoned ventures, she’s channeled her twin passions for business and the environment into the creation of EcoMyths. Her hope is that this new green venture will help others find as much joy in nature as she has; and that that will translate into action to help protect nature. And when she’s not on the prowl for the likes of blue spotted salamanders—the rare native herp featured in the EcoMyths logo—you’re likely to find her enjoying the outdoors with her family: as skier, hiker and mountain biker.