about us

The Mission: Empower OneGreenThing Superstars

EcoMyths Alliance empowers each of us to make greener choices in our daily lives, specifically by doing OneGreenThing at a time. We accomplish this by making environmental science fun, accessible, and wait for it…encouraging. Yes, our actions do matter! Doom and gloom, smell ya later.

Our vision is that green living will become mainstream and routine—instead of something perceived as extreme or hard. By overcoming the overwhelmingly negative messages surrounding environmental issues, we reveal how simple, positive steps really do add up to a cleaner, greener world.

The Backstory: Aligning the Stars

We’ve been busting environmental myths since 2009, thanks to expert intel from our Partner groups and valued guidance from the following folks:

Expert Advisors

Leadership Council

Founding Partners*

Gretchen Baker, Field Museum; Joel Brammeier, Alliance for the Great Lakes; Chelsea Carey, Lake Forest Open Lands Association, DePaul University; Cyndi Duda, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service; Mark Hauser, Friends of the Chicago River; Liam Heneghan, Institute for Nature and Culture; Chicago Wilderness; Donald Hey, Wetlands Initiative; Bob Kirschner, Chicago Botanic Garden; James Montgomery, DePaul University, Environmental Science Program; Dana Murphy, Friends of the Chicago River; Laurel Ross, Field Museum; Kate Sackman, Lake Forest Open Lands Association; John Sentell, Wetlands Initiative; Debra Shore, Commissioner, Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago; Doug Stotz, Field Museum; Lauren Umek, Institute for Nature and Culture; Chicago Wilderness; Lynne Westphal, USDA Forest Service, Northern Research Station

* Listed with the institutions each was affiliated with in 2009