The New WWW: World Water Week

World Water Week

Did you know that the Great Lakes contain more than 20 percent of the worlds fresh water? Something to contemplate as we sunbathe on a Lake Michigan beach or bike along Lake Shore Drive! As World Water Week draws to a close, we’ve collected some links that challenge us to think more about our everyday use of water:


One: Take the Debra Shore Water Challenge

In honor of World Water Week, EcoMyths Alliance partner Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago Commissioner Debra Shore (@DebraShore) has challenged Chicagoans to look closely at our water use in everyday life.  Through her Twitter feed, she challenges us to:

  1. Ask yourself: What can you do this week to use less H2O?
  2. Write your own Citizen’s Oath. Pledge to native landscape and lake. Conserve water & energy, restore body & spirit.

To learn more, you can subscribe to Debra’s email list to be included on future challenges and to receive ongoing information on conservation topics.


Two: Make Sure Your Home Is Water-Friendly

If you want to save water but don’t know where to start, this website,, is for you. Its interactive format offers specifics on how to make your home water-efficient.


Three: Find Out if Your Alley Is Playing a Role in Water Conservation

This week during World Water Week, Chicago’s green alleys were featured in a presentation on water-friendly Cities of the Future (this link will open a PDF – go to page 17). Proving there are ways to be water-friendly in the most unexpected places.


Four: Answer This: Is the Chicago River Toilet Water?

In this month’s featured EcoMyth, we “dive” into the ecology of the Chicago River. Should you swim in it? Can you canoe? Learn more by exploring this myth with us.


Closing thought from World Water Week: “Nothing grows without water.”  And that’s no myth!


– Margy Sweeney, Director of Partner and Public Engagement, EcoMyths Alliance


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