Beautiful (Not Ugly!) Bags of Mostly Water

Star Trek writers famously created an alien who described humans as “ugly bags of mostly water.” This bluntly spoken line is always certain to make a trekkie smile—thanks to the pure scientific truth of the matter. And the same might also be said of our Chicago area ecosystem, and in fact the Earth as a whole.

Here are three quick and useful links to the rapidly increasing media coverage of water that we at EcoMyths have enjoyed lately, one featuring our institutional partner Alliance for the Great Lakes.

Consider these links a cheat sheet to water issues in our daily lives, pocketbooks and local politics:

#1:  Great Lakes face increasing pressure for water from world, own backyard (WBEZ)

Part of a series on the topic of water, this story was originally broadcast on June 21, 2011. Joel Brammeier, head of the Alliance for the Great Lakes, an EcoMyths Alliance institutional partner, joins other expert voices in a discussion of Lake Michigan, the global water shortage and water politics closer to home.

#2:  Chicago River cleanup required (Chicago Tribune)

The Chicago Tribune has been a leading voice in the coverage of the rapidly moving legislation this year requiring increasing clean-up of the Chicago River. This article does a good job of introducing you to the complex issues of river disinfection—the same topic we explored in our latest EcoMyth,“The Chicago River: Eau de Toilet?”

#3:  Water Affordability:  Who’s Going to Pick Up the Check?  (

Who’s going to foot the bill as moving water from source to tap becomes more expensive? This lighthearted article helps illustrate how we will be deciding “who picks up the check” over the next few years.

Enjoy the light reading! And remember—you’re a beautiful (not ugly!) bag of mostly water, like every species on Earth. Celebrate it, and pay attention to how you replenish your supply.

– Margy Sweeney, Director of Partner and Public Engagement, EcoMyths Alliance

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